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Accommodation in Mossel Bay

Luxury Oceanside Accommodation in Mossel Bay
15 Nov

5 things to do with your little ones when staying at our luxurious Manor:

African Oceans Manor on the beach offers you all the romance and luxury for a getaway with your significant other, but what to do when you want all the luxury we have to offer whilst having your little one with you?

With the help of the very informative “Visit Mossel Bay” page, we compiled a list of things to do with your small children in Mossel Bay.

  1. Play on the Beach:

Mossel Bay offers endless stretches of sandy beaches and have mild climate all year round. Build some sandcastles on the beach or take your little one to the Tidal pool at the point. This is always a big treat for the whole family.

  1. Visit the Diaz Museum:

At the Dias Museum you can go on the caravel, which is a replica of the ship in which Bartolomeu Dias landed in Mossel Bay more than 500 years ago. The Post Office Tree, where the first letter was ‘posted’ is also on the museum grounds as well as a little aquarium.

  1. Take a ride on the Diaz Express:

Enjoy a fun rail ride on one of the 3 carriages (Tom, Dick and Harry) and experience the scenery of the area the old-fashioned way.

  1. Visit the Harry Giddy Park:

Have a picnic and stroll through the Harry Giddy Park along one of the many pathways. You can even spot one of the tortoises or other farm animals whilst on an adventure here.

  1. Have a blast at Blasters:

Blasters has the biggest jungle-gym in Mossel Bay. Let the little one plays their heart out whilst you enjoy a delicious meal.


Come and enjoy all the luxury of African Oceans Manor on the Beach without the worry of keeping your small children entertained.