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Events & Things To Do In Mossel Bay & Garden Route

Every month we upload an updated list of all the upcoming events and things to do in Mossel Bay and the Garden Route. Below we have listed the events and things to do in Mossel Bay until the end of July 2017. For the full list and contact details, please download the file below the table. This list comes from our friends at Mossel Bay Tourism.


Event Date Venue Contact
The Fall of the Roman Empire 13-Jul Monroe Theatre


“Dans met Klipwerd orkes” 15-Jul Mossel Bay Town Hall 0833064396
Hartenbos Boeremark 15-Jul Hartenbos   0828521773
Hartenbos parkrun 15-Jul Hartenbos 0796933256  


15-Jul Mossel Bay Mall 0446930965
Elvis Blue live 15-Jul Bravo Lounge 0446067777
Leisure Rentals walk 4 life 15-Jul Pinnacle Point Golf Resort 0446065323
Mosselbaai Familie Plaasmark 15-Jul Hartenbos River 0823373414
DJ FOXX host Karaoke 16-Jul Bravo Lounge 0446067777
Coolfruit Logistix Meat Competition 19-Jul Pinnacle Point Golf Resort 0446065323
Out of Africa – Vintage Movie 20-Jul Monroe Theater 0824159588
Hartenbos parkrun 22-Jul Hartenbos 0796933256
DJ FOXX host Karaoke 23-Jul Bravo Lounge 0446067777

Networking Opportunity

25-Jul   Mossel Bay     0446981865
  DJ Cleartone 28-Jul   Bravo Lounge   0446067777  

Hartenbos parkrun

  29-Jul Hartenbos   0796933256  

“Kersfees in Julie”

  29-Jul   Mossel Bay 0728751527  
  DJ FOXX host Karaoke 30-Jul     Bravo Lounge 0446067777  




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