The Beaches of Mosselbay

Mossel Bay has a lengthy shoreline with beautiful beaches. There is even a natural swimming pool known as the “Poort”. The “Poort” is set between two rocky ridges and is consisting of a sandy trail that fills up with natural sea water as the waves splash over the rocks during high tide and pull out again into the ocean during low tide.


From there, traveling around the bay, you encounter a small natural kiddies pool which is perfect for the Moms to relax on the soft beach sand whilst their children splash around in this safe tiding pool.

Traveling further around the great bay comes Munro’s Bay and then Santos Beach. Santos Beach’s waves are very calm and perfect for a relaxed day in the water. Then comes Pansy Beach, followed by Dias Beach.

Dias Beach offers a lot of activities to choose from during the Summer months and creates a bit more hype with more “adventurous” waves.


Activities on Mossel Bay beaches include swimming, surfing, fishing, walking and relaxing. At all of these beaches, restaurants are situated on the shore to ensure you don’t go hungry or thirsty when wanting to spend the whole day on one of these lovely beaches.


5 Golden Rules of swimming at the beach:

Never swim alone

Always keep an eye on a fixed marker on the beach

Stay waist- to chest-deep, and keep your feet on the ground

Swim between the flags wherever lifesavers are on duty

After you eat, wait at least 30 minutes before you swim


With all of this useful information, we wish you lifelong memories on all of these beaches.

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